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Looking for a company which offers propeller polishing? Then you should contact Antwerp Underwater Solutions. We inspect, maintain, and repair all kind of vessels under water and are specialized in propeller polishing. Cleaning and polishing a propeller makes it work more efficiently. Your vessel will need less fuel and will have more power. Contact us and we will help improving your business.

The benefits of underwater propeller polishing

If you want the propeller of your vessel to run smoothly and not get rusty, you should polish it. This can best be done under water, because the water will improve the lubrication and make the polishing go faster than in a dry-dock. We polish all the blades in a multi stage, leading to the A grade on the Rupert Scale. Our polishing has an immediate effect on the fuel consumption and avoids rusty blades. This makes the process cost-saving and sustainable: a great return on investment!

Underwater maintenance

How it works

Before we start polishing, we first check the propeller thoroughly. This allows us to anticipate to any indications of propeller damage much faster. When there is any damage, our team of propeller specialists can perform all necessary repairs. This can be done in the normal downtime of your vessel. After repairs, we start cleaning the propeller and polish it. Thanks to our special machine, cleaning and polishing propellers can be done without creating any dust, making the process safe and hygienic.

Doing business at any place and time

Interested in our propeller cleaning and polishing services? Call us at this telephone number +32 472 67 44 21 or this one +32 3 771 59 99. We are established in every European harbor and are available 24/7. So, if you have an emergency: do not hesitate to contact us. We are ready to help.



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