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Underwater hull cleaning is a lot more efficient than cleaning in a dry-dock. Antwerp Underwater Solutions can perform this underwater task professionally in any European harbor. We are available 24/7 and always ready to help you improve your business. Ship hull cleaning, for example, reduces the fuel consumption of your vessel, making it more profitable. And if your vessel needs any inspection, maintenance, or repair, we would like to do that for you too.

Underwater hull cleaning makes your business more profitable

A buildup of marine fouling can lead to increased drag, resulting in a harmful impact on your vessel’s hydrodynamic performance. Your ship will become slower, while consuming more fuel. Moreover, fouling, particularly in the case of a prolific buildup of ‘hard or shell fouling’ like barnacles or tubeworm, can cause turbulence, cavitation and noise. This frequently affects the performance of sonars, speed logs and other hull-mounted sensors. So, to keep your vessel working properly and efficiently, it is important to clean the hull of your ship. We can do that for you. Underwater, so that building scaffolding and vessel displacement are not necessary, making our method very efficient indeed.

Underwater maintenance

Ship hull cleaning and other excellent services

For a vessel to work properly, it needs more than a clean hull. The propeller needs to be clean and in good condition as well. Therefore, we offer a special propeller polishing program in which we thoroughly inspect, clean, repair and polish the propeller of your vessel. Even for other underwater maintenance of your ship, you can count on us.

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