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When your vessel needs inspection, maintenance or repair, excellent dive support will make the operation run more efficiently. Antwerp Underwater Solutions offers professional underwater diving services. We repair your anchors and broken chains, polish your propellers, remove rust and offer way more opportunities. Our dive support offers a solution for every problem and we work in all European harbors. Contact us and we will offer an appropriate solution that makes you happy and improves your business.

Keeps your vessels shipshape with professional dive support

After four years of sailing, your vessel needs to be checked at a dry-dock. During this inspection, the vessel is out of business, which costs money. With regular underwater checks, maintenance, and repairs, dry-dock inspections will be necessary less often. The vessel can be in the water for a longer time, making it more profitable. Moreover, underwater diving services are less time-consuming than dry-dock services, because no scaffolding needs to be built and the vessel is not necessary. We offer you the following underwater diving services:

Underwater maintenance

Dive support with a clear plan of action

Interested in our underwater diving services? Contact us for a free quotation. When you hire us, we will inspect your vessel thoroughly, identify the problem and offer you a viable solution including a timeline and an overview of all costs. This way, you know exactly what you get for your money.

In need of professional underwater diving services? Contact us!

Does your vessel need refurbishments or inspections? We are always ready to assist you with excellent dive support. It does not matter in which European harbor your vessel is located, because we have offices everywhere. You can contact us 24/7. Get in touch by calling +32 472 67 44 21 or +32 3 771 59 99.



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